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Non Rebreather Mask

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Using a Non-Rebreather Mask for Oxygen Administration

1. Introduction to the Non-Rebreather Mask


  • The non-rebreather mask is a common device for oxygen administration.
  • It is typically supplied in plastic bags and consists of a mask and tubing.

2. Non-Rebreather Mask Components

Key Components:

  • The mask is usually flat and can be opened for use.
  • A metal piece at the top of the mask helps secure it over the nose.
  • Elastic straps ensure a snug fit around the patient's head.
  • The mask has inlet ports for oxygen flow and a reservoir bag.
  • One-way valves on the mask allow exhalation without rebreathing exhaled air.

3. Setting Up the Non-Rebreather Mask

Assembly and Connection:

  • Connect the tubing to the mask; these fittings are typically push-fit.
  • Attach the other end of the tubing to the oxygen cylinder valve.
  • Ensure that the oxygen flow rate is set to 15 litres per minute.

4. Using the Non-Rebreather Mask

Proper Application:

  • If the bag is not fully inflated, prime it by briefly covering the mask's inlet.
  • Fit the mask over the patient's mouth and nose.
  • Adjust the elastic straps for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Explain the use of oxygen to the patient and gain their consent.

5. Monitoring and Caution

Monitoring Breathing:

  • Continuous monitoring of the patient's breathing is essential.
  • Ensure the oxygen cylinder is positioned to prevent kinks or damage to the tubing.

6. Special Considerations with Neck Collars

Using the Mask with Neck Collars:

  • For patients with neck collars, fit the mask as usual.
  • Instead of securing the elastic behind the head, hook it onto designated pegs on the mask.
  • Adjust the elastic for a snug fit without compromising neck stability.
  • Ensure oxygen management during patient transport to prevent mask dislodgment.

7. Conclusion

Effective Oxygen Administration:

  • The non-rebreather mask is a valuable tool for oxygen administration in various scenarios.
  • Proper usage and careful monitoring are crucial to ensure patient safety and oxygen effectiveness.