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Cylinder storage and maintenance

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Safe Storage of Cylinders: Guidelines and Recommendations

1. Accessible Storage for Emergency Use

Ensuring Availability for First Aiders:

  • Cylinders should not be locked away, especially in premises like doctor surgeries and dental clinics.
  • Readily accessible cylinders enable quick access for first aiders in case of emergencies.

2. Separate Storage

Preventing Mixing with Other Cylinder Types:

  • Do not store medical cylinders with other types, including industrial or gas cylinders.

3. Safe Location

Optimal Storage Conditions:

  • Avoid storing cylinders in extreme heat, near naked flames, or in areas with oil and grease exposure.
  • Provide undercover storage to protect cylinders from outdoor elements.

4. Maintenance and Condition

Ensuring Readiness for Use:

  • Maintain cylinders in a clean and good condition at all times.
  • Store them appropriately in cupboards or dedicated cylinder bags to maintain cleanliness.
  • Report any signs of damage to the supplier for prompt replacement.