Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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Analgesic Gases: Trade Names and Composition

1. Introduction

Distinguishing Analgesic Gases from Medical Oxygen:

  • Analgesic gases have distinct trade names, unlike medical oxygen.
  • Medical oxygen is commonly known simply as "medical oxygen" without a specific trade name.

2. Trade Names for Analgesic Gases

Variety in Marketing Terms:

  • Manufacturers of analgesic gases use unique marketing terms and trade names for their products due to the gas mixture's complexity.
  • For instance, our product is named "Nitronox" based on our manufacturer's product name and marketing terminology.
  • Another widely recognized trade name is "Entonox," used by a different manufacturer.

3. Commonality in Product

Same Composition Inside the Cylinder:

  • Despite differing trade names, all analgesic gas products share the same composition when contained in the cylinder.
  • Analogous to referring to a vacuum cleaner as a "Hoover," these trade names are synonymous.

4. Nitronox Composition

Mixture of Two Gases:

  • Nitronox consists of two gases: 50% medical oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide.
  • The gases are meticulously blended and analyzed to meet Pharmacopoeia standards.

5. Third-Party Filler

Outsourcing Cylinder Filling:

  • We utilize a third-party filler for cylinder filling due to licensing requirements.
  • The third-party filler possesses a product license, while we hold a license for product distribution.