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The trade name for analgesic gases is different to medical oxygen because medical oxygen's trade name is essentially just medical oxygen. It does not have a trade name as such.

With the analgesic gases, because it is a mix of gases, each manufacturer has to have their own marketing terms for it and their own product name for the product. So our product is called Nitronox because our manufacturer, that is their product name for it and that is their marketing term for it, is Nitronox.

And then the most commonly referred-to product, I would say, would be Entonox, and that is another trade name for another manufacturer, but it is... I would say it is the most commonly-known trade name out there. They are all the same product inside the cylinder, it is basically like referring to your vacuum cleaner as a Hoover, that is how we would sort of comparing it.

So Nitronox is two gases and it is 50% medical oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. The gases are blended and analysed for Pharmacopoeia again and we buy that in as a finished product in our cylinders. So we use a third party filler to fill our cylinders. The reason for that is licencing. The third-party filler holds a product licence and we hold a licence to deal and distribute that product.