Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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Medical gases bag

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Medical Gases Backpack: Oxygen and Analgesic Gas

Multi-Purpose Backpack

Flexible and Efficient:

  • This backpack serves dual purposes, accommodating both oxygen and analgesic gas.
  • It is clearly labelled for easy identification, featuring both "analgesic gas" and "oxygen" markings.
  • The backpack is designed for convenience, offering a user-friendly backpack-style design.

Easy Access Design

Accessible Compartments:

Opening the backpack reveals organized compartments with essential items for pain management and oxygen administration.

  • Suction equipment for airway clearance is readily available.
  • A Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) with adapters ensures proper ventilation.
  • Various airway devices, including supraglottic airways, nasal airways, and OP airways, are neatly stored.
  • Selection of different masks, including adult and child non-rebreather masks and Venturi masks, is provided.
  • Additional supplies, such as nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing, are on hand for various applications.
  • Mouthpieces for analgesic gas cylinders are conveniently located in the bag.

Gas Cylinder Accessibility

Gas Cylinder Placement:

Both oxygen and analgesic gas cylinders are securely stored in the backpack for easy access.

  • Oxygen cylinder placement allows easy access to controls and gas identification.
  • Analgesic gas cylinder placement facilitates quick retrieval for administration.
  • The backpack enables the removal of the analgesic gas cylinder, making it patient-administered.

Convenient Solution

All-in-One Efficiency:

Utilizing this backpack streamlines the process, especially when both oxygen and analgesic gas are required.

  • Having all essential equipment in one backpack eliminates the need for separate bags.
  • All necessary resuscitation items are conveniently stored in a single, easily transportable bag.