Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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Entonox kit assembly

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Assembling and Handling the Entonox Kit

1. Self-Contained Kit

Complete Package:

  • The Entonox kit is self-contained in a blue bag.
  • When you open the bag, you'll find everything needed for patient use.
  • Components include the regulator, mouthpiece, and the gas bottle with Schrader valve.

2. Assembly Process

Step-by-Step Setup:

  • Connect the Schrader valve on the bottle to the pipe's Schrader valve and twist until it clicks into place.
  • Once assembled, turn on the Entonox set.
  • Provide the assembled kit to the patient for use; Entonox is administered as the patient sucks on the tube.

3. Disassembly and Cleaning

Safe Removal:

  • After Entonox use, disassemble the kit for cleaning and storage.
  • Remove and dispose of the one-time-use mouthpiece.
  • Turn off the bottle to disable it.
  • Depress the flush valve to release pressure from the pipe and regulator before detaching the pipe.
  • Ensure depressurization to prevent accidents when disassembling.

4. Cleaning and Storage

Proper Maintenance:

  • Clean the components, including wiping them down with sterile wipes.
  • Check the cylinder's remaining contents with the regulator.
  • Restow the kit in its bag, reassemble, and prepare it for the next patient.

5. Documentation

Record Usage:

  • Document the use of Entonox or Nitronox on the patient report form.
  • Provide verbal handover of drug administration to the attending medical crew.