Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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Entonox maintenance, transport and storage

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Entonox Maintenance, Transport, and Storage

Safe Storage in a Vehicle

Secure Storage:

  • Store Entonox safely in a vehicle to prevent it from becoming a hazard during sudden movements or stops.
  • Use an appropriate bag, marked in blue, to distinguish it from oxygen tanks.
  • The case protects the bottle and helps maintain the correct gas mixture.
  • Invert the cylinder two or three times when removing it from the bag to mix the gases.

Safety Checks and Service Dates

Annual Safety Checks:

  • Refer to local trust or service policies for specific guidelines.
  • Inspect the regulator or giving set annually, marked with a service date sticker.
  • Ensure proper drug delivery rates and overall safety.
  • Examine the pipe for cracks, leaks, or splits, and note its service or use-by date.

Cylinder Inspection and Batch Dates

Cylinder Integrity:

  • Cylinders contain the drug mixture and must undergo regular checks.
  • Look for batch dates on the drug for tracking purposes.
  • Check the filling date and expiry date of the cylinder.
  • Replace cylinders when they fall below one-quarter full to prevent contamination.