Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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What is Nitronox and Entonox

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Understanding Entonox (Nitronox)

1. Introduction to Entonox

Nitrous Oxide Analgesic:

  • Entonox, also known as Nitronox, is an odourless and colourless gas used for pain relief.
  • It consists of two components: 50% oxygen and 50% Nitrogen Oxide.

2. Medical Applications

Pain Relief Across Various Conditions:

  • Entonox is employed to alleviate pain ranging from mild to severe.
  • It is categorized under drug code N00.
  • Commonly used in cases such as pregnancy, trauma, and chest pain.

3. Cylinder Identification

Recognizing Entonox Cylinders:

  • Entonox cylinders are distinctively white and blue, distinguishing them from oxygen cylinders.
  • Always verify the cylinder's colour and label before administering.

4. Incompatibility with Oxygen

Unique Giving Sets:

  • Entonox and oxygen use different giving sets that are not interchangeable.
  • They are designed to be incompatible, preventing accidental mix-ups.

5. Proper Mixing Before Use

Addressing Gas Separation:

  • Due to the composition of two different gases, Nitronox can separate within the cylinder, especially in cold weather.
  • Before administration, the cylinder must be inverted and tipped several times to thoroughly mix the gases.