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Oxygen Giving Set

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Oxygen Giving Set Usage

Understanding Oxygen Giving Sets

Essential Equipment for Oxygen Delivery

Components of an Oxygen Giving Set

Exploring the Key Elements

  • Schrader Valve: The connection point to the oxygen supply.
  • Glass Flow Meter: Measures oxygen flow in litres per minute with a floating ball gauge.
  • Regulator: Controls and adjusts the oxygen flow rate.
  • Oxygen Port: Connects to the oxygen delivery device (mask or nasal cannula).

Connecting the Oxygen Giving Set

Securely Attaching to the Oxygen Supply

On the wall of a hospital ward or in a vehicle equipped with a plumbed-in oxygen system, you'll find an oxygen port. Follow these steps to connect the oxygen giving set:

  1. Insert the Schrader valve into the oxygen port and push until it clicks and locks in place.
  2. Turn the valve on to initiate oxygen flow.
  3. Observe the flow rate on the gauge, typically set to 15 litres per minute in cardiac arrest situations.

Oxygen Delivery to the Patient

Administering Oxygen Safely

Connect the oxygen giving set to the oxygen delivery device, such as a mask. Adjust the flow rate as needed. The patient will receive oxygen with each breath.

  • Monitor the patient's condition and adjust the flow rate accordingly.
  • Turn off the oxygen and dispose of the mask properly if no longer needed.
  • The oxygen giving set remains in place for potential further use.

Disconnecting the Oxygen Giving Set

Safely Removing the Equipment

If you need to remove the oxygen giving set:

  1. Turn off the vehicle's oxygen supply and release pressure from the system by opening the valve.
  2. Press the circle around the Schrader valve to release it, ensuring safety by depressurizing the system before removal.

Always prioritize safety when handling oxygen equipment to prevent accidents and injuries.