Analgesic Gases and Oxygen Provider Level 2 (VTQ)

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First Aid Recap

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Welcome to the Oxygen Course

1. Course Assumptions

Before we begin, let's clarify some prerequisites and assumptions.

1.1 Basic First Aid Knowledge

We assume you have a foundation in basic CPR, recovery position, and first aid.

2. Oxygen in First Aid

Understanding the role of oxygen in first aid and CPR.

2.1 Oxygen as a Supplement

Oxygen administration is an extension of standard first aid procedures.

Important: CPR and initial care remain unchanged; oxygen is supplementary.

2.2 Focus of This Course

Exploring the specific use of oxygen during CPR.

Whether using a bag ventilation mask or pocket mask, core principles and ratios apply.

2.3 Oxygen for Breathing and Unconscious Patients

Applying supplementary oxygen when dealing with various medical scenarios.

Note: Core first aid and basic life support rules remain consistent.

3. Additional Resources

Options for further learning and training support.

3.1 First Aid Course Refresher

If you require a refresher or more foundational knowledge, consider our Pro BLS course or other first aid courses.

3.2 Advanced Oxygen Training

For advanced practical use of oxygen, explore our first responder courses as a valuable complement to this course.