The Analgesic Gas Cylinder

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Now we are going to have a look at the difference between an oxygen cylinder and an Entonox cylinder. You will note the oxygen cylinder is completely white, where the Entonox cylinder has blue and white chequered neck. The oxygen cylinder has oxygen written down the side, whereas the Entonox cylinder will either have Entonox or Nitronox written down the cylinder. They are also quite often slightly smaller than the oxygen cylinder itself, the Entonox is slightly smaller and there is no regulator onto the top of the cylinder because this one is not given with a regulator and a mask, this is given self-administration. Most of the rest of the parts of the bottle are the same. There is still a contents gauge, there is still an on/off button, there is still a Schrader valve and there is still a filling port; just no regulator on the top where the oxygen cylinder will always have the regulator. There will be a date because it's a drug, there is a batch number for the drug itself and there will be a date when the drug runs out of date and needs to be changed. Oxygen will have this, but it will have a lot longer lifespan than the Nitronox or Entonox cylinder and the gas itself.