Entonox administration

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In this scenario, Dan has had a tumble in the park and dislocated his left patella. He's suffering with severe pain, so whilst we are waiting for the emergency services to come and take Dan away to get the patella put back in place, we are going to give him something to ease that pain. We are going to do some questions and some checks first. So firstly, have you ever used Entonox before?

If the answer is no then you are going to talk them through it. It will make you feel a little bit light-headed, a little bit woozy might make you feel a little bit sleepy, but you keep taking it while I talk to you and I will guide you through everything. The first thing I want to do is a pain score. So on a scale of 1 to 10, one being no pain at all, 10 being absolutely agony, where would you put the pain currently?

So now what we have done is we have got a baseline orb. We know where he is now, so once we have administered the Entonox, we can see whether it is working or whether it is not. And Entonox should work. If the pain increases with the use of Entonox, then we should cease using Entonox. Okay. So now we are going to administer it. We open up the bag, we take out the giving set, we take out the bottle itself and we turn the bottle on. Once the bottle is turned on, we insert the actual Schrader valve and it locks in place. Once it's locked in place, we then take a mouthpiece, which is a one use only, one patient only mouthpiece, onto the end of the regulator or giving set.

What you want to ask them to do now, is to put the mouthpiece into their mouth and suck deeply. Keep sucking; whilst you suck, it will administer. Every time they breathe out, breathe out normally, every time you breathe in, they take the gas in. They will start to feel a little bit light-headed, but it takes roughly four to five minutes to get into your system and peak effect takes about 10 minutes to work. You keep breathing on that and as you start to feel the pain ease, you let me know what sort of score we are talking about. So where is the score now?

You keep taking the Entonox, and I will sit with you until the crew arrive. Finally, when the emergency services arrive to take your casualty away, we must not forget we need to document Entonox was given, the time we started, the time we finished and the pain score when we started and the pain score when we handed over to the ambulance crew. All need to be documented on paperwork and verbally handed over to the crew at the same time.