Entonox administration

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Administering Entonox for Pain Relief

Scenario: Dan's Dislocated Patella

Dan has dislocated his left patella and is experiencing severe pain while awaiting emergency services.

Initial Assessment and Pain Score

Assessment and Pain Evaluation:

  • Before administering Entonox, inquire if the patient has used it before.
  • If it's their first time, provide guidance about potential side effects.
  • Conduct a pain score assessment on a scale of 1 to 10 to establish a baseline.
  • This baseline will help monitor the effectiveness of Entonox.

Administering Entonox

Safe Administration:

  • Open the Entonox kit, take out the giving set, and the gas bottle.
  • Turn on the gas bottle and insert the Schrader valve, ensuring it locks securely.
  • Attach a one-time-use mouthpiece to the regulator or giving set.
  • Ask the patient to place the mouthpiece in their mouth and inhale deeply while continuing to suck.
  • Explain that they may feel light-headed; Entonox takes about 4-5 minutes to take effect and up to 10 minutes to peak.
  • Monitor the pain score as they continue to use Entonox.

Monitoring and Documentation

Continuous Monitoring and Record Keeping:

  • Stay with the patient until emergency services arrive.
  • Continue assessing the pain score and note any changes.
  • Document the start time, finish time, initial pain score, and pain score at handover to ambulance crew.
  • Provide verbal handover of Entonox administration to the ambulance crew.