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Welcome to the Analgesic Gases Online Course

Your Comprehensive Training Resource for Nitronox and Entonox

Course Overview

Unlock the World of Analgesic Gases:

  • Gain valuable insights into using analgesic gases such as Nitronox and Entonox.
  • Meet your training requirements and learn how to access these gases from suppliers.
  • For Nitronox inquiries, contact us to explore competitive package options.

Course Features

Flexible Learning at Your Fingertips:

  • Access a series of informative videos, complete knowledge review questions, and finish with a short test.
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  • Receive extra assistance for incorrect answers during your training journey.

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  • Upon passing the test, access and print your completion certificate and additional resources.
  • Discover a wealth of training support and links on the course homepage.

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  • Enjoy eight months of course access from your start date, even after test completion.
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