How much analgesic gas should be given

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Entonox: Unique Self-Administered Analgesic

1. Self-Administration

Distinctive Characteristics:

  • Entonox is a self-administered drug, allowing patients to control their own dosage.
  • Applicable to both adults and children, provided the child can operate the equipment correctly.

2. Safety in Self-Administration

Safe Usage Guidelines:

  • Self-administration ensures safety, as the drug induces drowsiness and decreases dosage intake as drowsiness sets in.
  • Children can use Entonox safely, as long as they can operate the delivery system independently.

3. Priming Button Caution

Importance of Proper Usage:

  • Never use the priming button to administer Entonox; it should always be self-administered.
  • Details on the priming button will be covered later in the course.