BOC Oxygen cylinders

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Comparing BOC Oxygen Cylinders: A Brief Overview

1. Introduction

An examination of the BOC Oxygen cylinder, highlighting its similarities to the SOS version.

1.1 BOC Oxygen Cylinder

Exploring the BOC Oxygen Cylinder:

  • Comparing the BOC Oxygen cylinder with the SOS version.
  • Notable similarities between the two cylinders.

2. Cylinder Details

Understanding the key features and components of the BOC Oxygen cylinder.

2.1 Cylinder Design

Design and Appearance:

  • The BOC Oxygen cylinder shares a similar appearance with the SOS version.
  • Notable features include a collar around the top with barcode indications.

2.2 Gauge and Control

Gauge and Control Mechanisms:

  • Similarities with the SOS cylinder include the presence of a gauge on the front.
  • Explore the regulator priming process and the main on/off switch.

2.3 Flow Control

Flow Rate Adjustment:

  • Discuss the constant flow outlet and the flow rate adjustment knob on the top of the cylinder.
  • Highlight the capability of delivering oxygen at up to 15 litres per minute.

3. Conclusion

Summarizing the key points about the BOC Oxygen cylinder and its similarities to the SOS version.