Pocket Mask with Oxygen

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Using a Pocket Mask for Effective Resuscitation

1. Introduction to the Pocket Mask

Benefits of a Pocket Mask:

  • The pocket mask serves as a barrier and enables the delivery of breaths to the patient.
  • It creates a protective barrier between the rescuer and the patient.

2. Pocket Mask Components

Key Components:

  • A typical pocket mask comes in a compact case for portability.
  • The mask is folded and secured with a clip.
  • To prepare the mask, push it out from the case until it's ready for use.

3. Proper Mask Placement

Secure Placement:

  • Use the elastic strap to position the mask over the patient's face and secure it behind the head.
  • This secure placement ensures effective resuscitation without constant adjustments.

4. Ensuring a Good Seal

Air-Filled Sack:

  • The mask features an air-filled sack around the outside, ensuring a tight seal around the patient's face.
  • Rescuers can use their hands to maintain the seal while opening the airway for ventilation.

5. One-Way Valve for Safety

Function of the Mouthpiece:

  • The mouthpiece incorporates a one-way valve, allowing air to enter but preventing exhaled air from returning.
  • This design minimizes the risk of contact with the patient's bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit.

6. Disposable and Reusable Use

Disposable Nature:

  • Pocket masks are typically disposable and should be discarded after use in real-life situations.
  • While they can be cleaned and reused for training purposes, it's advisable to dispose of them after actual use.

7. Supplementary Oxygen

Use with Supplementary Oxygen:

  • Supplementary oxygen can be delivered using a pocket mask but only by trained individuals.
  • An outlet on the mask allows the attachment of oxygen tubing to provide a constant oxygen supply.
  • Oxygen flow rate should be preset to 15 litres per minute for effective resuscitation.
  • This method can significantly increase the oxygen concentration to enhance resuscitation efforts.