Medical gases bag

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What I am going to do now is have a look at our medical gases backpack. Now, the thing with this backpack, it can have both oxygen and analgesic gas, so the bag itself is labelled both of them; analgesic gas, also the oxygen label on there. The idea of this pack is everything is in there and everything you need for pain control with the gas, or with oxygen. The bag itself is a backpack, so it's nice and easy to use. So what you do with it is lay it flat down and then there's a zip on the side.

And this will open up. Once it's open, you have got all the bits and pieces that you are likely to need. So within this thing here, we have got the suction at the top if we need to clear out any airways. Down here, we have got our BVM and also the adapters for it, so that we can ventilate somebody properly using the BVM. In here also, we have got airways. We have supraglottic airways, we have got nasal airways and we have also got OP airways. Alongside here, different types of masks, so within the oxygen side, we have got adult and child non-rebreather masks, we have got Venturi masks and also nasal cannulas and some oxygen tubing, just in case we need it for a pocket mask or something like that.

And then up here, we have got mouthpieces for the analgesic gas cylinder. Both the cylinders are here and we can see it's exactly what's in them. So if we need oxygen it's on this side, we can leave the oxygen cylinder where it is because you can easily get to the controls at the top, you can see exactly what gas is in there. If we are using the analgesic gas, we can easily get a hold of this and pull it out of the bag and then we can administer that. If we need to with this, we can take it fully out of the bag because it's going to be administered by the patient, so it may well be you want to move this well away from this kit. And the mouthpieces for it are just in here, so these are just for an individual patient, so we can just take the mouthpiece off and put that on for that particular patient.

So these bags do make it a lot easier. If you are having to have both oxygen and analgesic gas, having them all in one backpack is a lot easier than having two barrel bags because everything you need is in here in all in one place. And all the other resuscitation items you would likely need are all in one bag.